Our Process

    The first step for us to prepare your Federal Resume and/or KSAs is:
      a. Fill out our contact form, Resume or KSA Builder and attach a copy of your current resume.
      b. Call us at 800-471-9201 for a free consultation and receive further directions and information.
    In your free consultation and/or review of your resume documentation:
      a. We will determine together what types of resume(s) and KSAs are required.
      b. Discuss Federal Vacancy Announcements or Private Sector employment opportunities.

    Based on our free review of your background, previously prepared documents, and position specifications, we will propose a package to meet your requirements, priced according to the projected hours of development necessary to complete your package. This package will be presented to you via email or telephone.

    An Invoice will be generated and emailed to you for order authorization.
      a. You will be contacted for specific or additional information required to develop your resume and KSAs.
      b. Your exclusive writer will contact you via email and telephone, if possible, throughout the development process.
      c. A draft will be submitted via email for your review and an opportunity scheduled for writer-client discussion and changes.
      d. Final draft will be emailed to you and archived on our secure systems for your future retrieval and updates.